Coinbase adds CVC (+ 57%), MANA (+ 25%) and DNT (+ 276%)

The Coinbase exchange has announced the addition of three ERC-20 altcoins. The price of these three assets has just exploded, against the backdrop of the Bitcoin (BTC) bull run.

Coinbase unlocks HVAC, MANA and DNT

The exchange broke the news in a statement yesterday . The addition of the Civic ( CVC ) , Decentraland ( MANA ) and District0x ( DNT ) tokens is for the web version of Coinbase, as well as the Android and iOS apps. As usual, however, users located in New York State will not be able to access it.

Civic (CVC) is a blockchain identity verification service. It allows to provide proof of identity to an entity , while protecting the privacy of the person. We told you about this project last June, because Civic proposed to provide proof of coronavirus screenings through its app.

As for the MANA, this is the asset of the Decentraland project . This blockchain video game offers its users a virtual world with building land . The game was launched in early 2020 and had already seen several events, including a reproduction of the Cryptosoft launch .

Finally, the District0x project is a network of decentralized marketplaces . It allows users to organize themselves into marketplaces: districts. The DNT is its governance token, which is used by the community to vote on the future of the project.

Altcoins advance thanks to Bitcoin bull run

While the results of s election s American ’s are still waiting and plunge the world into uncertainty, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has exploded, exceeding 15 000 for the first time in 3 years . As a result, altcoins are also partially following the trend.

And for those who just added Coinbase, the progress is particularly marked. The MANA has been performing well for 24 hours: it gained + 25%. The DNT is located outside the top 100 of the ranking of cryptocurrencies by market cap, but it explodes even more, with a colossal jump of + 276% over the last 24 hours:

Finally, Civic’s CVC has also experienced a considerable jump, at + 57% over the last 24 hours . These three assets stand out frankly from the top 10 altcoins, which have grown overall since yesterday, but not to the same extent. The ETH thus took 7%, the XRP experiencing an increase of + 4%, and it is known that the CTL yet the sharpest jump among altcoins of magnitude, with + 10%. The “Coinbase effect” is therefore very present.