Gemini & DCG Dispute Highlights Crypto Industry Risks

• Digital Currency Group’s (DCG) Genesis Global Trading has had a dispute with Gemini over a crypto lending product.
• DCG is reportedly looking to sell some of its venture-capital portfolio, worth around $500 million, to pay off its creditors.
• Lumida CEO and co-founder Ram Ahluwalia weighed in on the tensions between the two companies.

Trouble has been brewing between the Winklevoss twins‘ crypto exchange Gemini and Digital Currency Group’s (DCG) Genesis Global Trading, partner on a crypto lending product pitched to smaller investors. On Thursday, the Financial Times reported that the tension between the two companies had escalated, as Gemini terminated a key aspect of their relationship.

The issue at hand is that Genesis reportedly owes its creditors over $3 billion, prompting its parent company, DCG, to look at selling some of its venture-capital portfolio, worth around $500 million. Lumida CEO and co-founder Ram Ahluwalia weighed in on the tensions between the two companies, saying: “It is a pretty big deal when one of the largest crypto companies in the world has to sell its venture-capital portfolio to pay off its creditors.”

The FT noted that the dispute between DCG and Gemini is complicated and goes beyond the $3 billion owed to creditors. According to sources, the two companies have been in a dispute for several months and have been unable to agree on a resolution. The report also said that DCG is seeking to resolve the matter with Gemini but that the latter is unwilling to negotiate.

As the two companies continue to dispute their relationship, the fate of DCG’s venture-capital portfolio remains uncertain. If the company is forced to sell it, it could have a negative impact on the crypto industry, as it could lead to a disruption in the capital and resources needed to develop the industry.

The dispute between the two companies has put a spotlight on the risks associated with investing in the crypto space, as the lack of regulatory oversight can lead to companies failing to meet their obligations. It also highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in the industry, as investors need to be able to trust the companies they are investing in.

Overall, the dispute between Gemini and DCG underscores the need for increased regulation in the crypto space and greater transparency from companies operating in the industry. It also serves as a reminder of the risks associated with investing in a nascent and largely unregulated market, and the importance of doing due diligence before investing in any project or company.

TON Foundation Unveils ‚TON Storage‘ Data Storage Platform

• TON Foundation, the stewards of the TON network, has unveiled a data storage ecosystem called TON Storage that aims to enable users to exchange files of any size while providing financial incentives to node operators for hosting files.
• The project aims to enable users to exchange files of any size while providing financial incentives to node operators to host files for users.
• The TON Storage platform is designed to solve the problem of large-scale data storage.

The TON Foundation, the stewards of the blockchain network TON, has unveiled their latest project, TON Storage. This platform is designed to provide a solution for large-scale data storage problems. The project is aimed at enabling users to exchange files of any size, while also providing financial incentives to node operators for hosting these files.

The TON Storage project is an ecosystem that is built on top of the TON blockchain, and it is expected to provide secure, fast, and reliable data storage solutions. The platform is designed to provide strong economic incentives in the form of rewards to node operators who are hosting user files. This is done through the use of smart contracts on the TON blockchain. The node operators can earn rewards for hosting files, and the users can pay for the storage without having to worry about the security of their data.

The TON Storage platform also provides a number of other features that are designed to make it easier for users to store and access their data. The platform provides a number of different protocols that allow users to access and transfer their data. There is also a data replication feature that allows files to be stored in multiple locations, which helps to protect the data from being lost if one of the nodes fails.

The TON Foundation is hoping that the TON Storage platform will help to create a more efficient and secure data storage system. It is also expected to help reduce the cost of data storage, as well as provide users with more control over their data. The TON Foundation is also working on new features that will be added to the platform in the future.

The launch of the TON Storage platform is a major step forward in the development of the TON blockchain, and it is expected to help make the network more secure and efficient. It is also expected to help reduce the cost of data storage and provide users with more control over their data. The TON Foundation is hoping that the TON Storage platform will be able to make a big impact on the crypto storage market, and the future of the blockchain.

Gain Exposure to Coinbase with 40% Annual Coupon and Partial Downside Protection

• Marex Solutions, a derivatives-focused division of the London-based financial services provider Marex, has issued a Coinbase (COIN) linked structured product.
• This six-month barrier reverse convertible (BRC) note offers a guaranteed annual 40% coupon paid monthly, providing holders with regular cash flow.
• The note has a predefined „barrier“ at 66% of the Nasdaq-listed stock’s price, and if the barrier is hit or breached, the partial downside protection disappears, and the holder will be allocated COIN shares at $25.

Marex Solutions, a derivatives-focused division of the London-based financial services provider Marex, recently unveiled a Coinbase (COIN) linked structured product that offers enhanced coupons in return for only partially protecting capital risk on the cryptocurrency exchange’s shares. Investors have been drawn to the product due to Coinbase’s increasing market share in the wake of rival FTX’s collapse.

The six-month barrier reverse convertible (BRC) note issued Wednesday by Marex’s FCA regulated entity Marex Financial offers a guaranteed annual 40% coupon paid monthly, providing holders with regular cash flow. It also has a predefined „barrier“ at 66% of the Nasdaq-listed stock’s price – $37.8 on the issue date. As long as the shares stay above $25 during the term, Marex Financial will repay the invested amount in full at expiry. If the barrier is hit or breached, the partial downside protection disappears, and the holder will be allocated COIN shares at $25, exposing them to market vicissitudes.

Ilan Solot, from Marex Solutions, said that the structured product is an attractive option for investors who prefer to express their view on Coinbase via structured products. He said that the product offers a „unique way to participate in the growth of the leading crypto exchange, while also offering a competitive return and the ability to benefit from high levels of liquidity.“

The product has been issued with a minimum denomination of £50,000 and is available to both institutional and retail investors. It is being sold by Marex Solutions‘ network of brokers, including Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan.

Overall, the Coinbase-linked structured product is an attractive option for investors seeking to benefit from the growth of the leading crypto exchange while also enjoying a competitive return and high levels of liquidity.

How to Use Apple TV Without a Remote Control

Apple TV is an innovative streaming device that lets you to stream your favorite television and films as well as play games and utilize apps. It’s the ideal way to entertain yourself when you’re unable to travel. But what happens if have lost the Apple TV remote control or it doesn’t work? It is possible to make use of Apple TV without a remote control and this article will demonstrate how.

What is Apple TV

Apple TV is a streaming device designed by Apple Inc. that connects to your TV via the HDMI port. It lets you access streaming media services like Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes in addition to play games, play films, and listen to music. There are apps available for a range of services, including YouTube as well as Disney+.

Why Do You Need a Remote Control

This Apple TV remote control is the primary method of interaction to the gadget. It lets you manage access to the Apple TV menu, play media, and open various applications. Without the remote it would be difficult to make use of the device.

How to Use Apple TV Without a Remote Control

If you’ve lost the Apple TV remote or it’s not working, there are ways to use it. You can utilize an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch as a remote control. For this, you’ll need download the no-cost Apple TV Remote app from the App Store. Once you’ve installed it you’ll be able to make use of it to control your Apple TV.

It is also possible to utilize a third-party remote control for example, like that of the Logitech Harmony remote. These remotes are made to work with a range of gadgets, including Apple TV. They generally have an advanced set of functions over remotes for the Apple TV remote, such as the capability to configure macros and make custom buttons.

How to Perform Basic Functions Without a Remote

If you don’t own the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, or a third-party remote, there are options to access Apple TV without a remote. You can make use of the on-screen menus of the device to navigate through Apple TV’s Apple TV interface. To navigate around the interface you can utilize the arrow keys of the remote control of your TV in order to shift the cursor across the screen.

It is also possible to use the integrated Voice Control feature to search for relevant content. To achieve this, simply Press and hold down the Play/Pause buttons on the Apple TV device until the Voice Control prompt appears. Then, you can make use of your voice to find media, control playback and even launch applications.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re experiencing problems with an Apple TV without the remote There are some ways to resolve the issue. First, ensure that your device is running and is connected to your TV. It is also important to ensure whether you are sure that the HDMI cable is properly linked to your Apple TV and the television.

If your device is not functioning, try reset it. To accomplish this, hold and press the Volume Up and Menu buttons of the device for 5 minutes. This will reset your device and will hopefully resolve any issues you’re experiencing.

Alternatives to Apple TV

If you’re in search of alternatives for Apple TV, there are some options. Amazon Fire TV Stick Amazon Fire TV Stick is an option that is popular, because it offers a range of streaming games and apps that are available. It also has the ability to control your remote, so you don’t need to worry about using your smartphone or a remote from a third-party.

Google’s Chromecast is another well-known streaming device. It lets you stream content from your smartphone tablet, laptop, or phone onto your TV. It also offers a range of apps , such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu.


Apple TV is a great streaming device, however it isn’t easy to operate without a remote. However, there are options to operate this device with no remote for instance, the use of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch as a remote control. You can also make use of an external remote control, or use the on-screen menus and the Voice Control feature. If you’re looking for a different option for Apple TV, there are several alternatives to streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google’s Chromecast. If you have the right configuration you’ll be able to watch your most-loved TV shows without the need for a remote.

Troubleshooting a DisplayPort No Signal Error

A DisplayPort not receiving a signal is a frequent problem that can lead to many issues. DisplayPort is the most modern digital display interface created through the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). It was developed to replace the old analog connectors for video like VGA and DVI and has evolved into the standard for digital displays. The DisplayPort is not a signal error when the computer is unable to detect the DisplayPort device it is connected to. It can cause various issues like blank screens, distortion of images, or any other issues.

What is a DisplayPort No Signal Error?

An DisplayPort non-signal error that happens when the system fails in recognizing the DisplayPort device that is connected to it. This could cause many problems, including an unreadable screen, blurred images, or any other problems.

Common Causes of a DisplayPort No Signal Error

There are a number of typical causes for an DisplayPort error of no signal. The most prevalent reason is a broken link to the DisplayPort device and the computer. Other possible causes include damaged DisplayPort cables, malfunctioning DisplayPort gadget, or obsolete graphics drivers.

Troubleshooting a DisplayPort No Signal Error

The first step in resolving the DisplayPort problem is to examine the connections to the PC and DisplayPort device. It is crucial to ensure that the connections are secure and that there isn’t any loose cables.

Checking the DisplayPort Connections

The first step to troubleshoot an DisplayPort signal issue is to verify the connection between your computer and DisplayPort device. It’s crucial to ensure that the connections are secure and that there isn’t any loose cables. In addition, you should be sure you have the DisplayPort cable is properly connected to the computer as well as it’s DisplayPort device.

Checking the DisplayPort Cable

If the connections between your PC and DisplayPort device is secure it is time to examine the DisplayPort cable. When the Cable is frayed or damaged this could be causing the error „No Signal. In the event that the cable has been damaged, it must replace it with brand new one.

Checking the DisplayPort Device

If you find that the DisplayPort cable appears to be in good working order then the following step would be to examine your DisplayPort device. Verify it is properly connected to your computer and it is running. In addition, ensure you have the right device for your computer.

Updating Graphics Drivers

If your DisplayPort devices are in good working order the second step will be to examine the drivers for graphics. Incorrect graphics drivers can lead to various problems, such as an DisplayPort error of no signal. If your graphics drivers are outdated, they should be replaced. date, they must be upgraded to the most current version.


A DisplayPort error of no signal is a frequent problem that can lead to various problems. The most frequent reason is due to a malfunctioning link between the PC and DisplayPort device. Other causes are broken DisplayPort cable, defective DisplayPort device or obsolete graphics drivers. How to fix an DisplayPort issue that does not have a signal involves checking the connection to the PC and DisplayPort device, testing for a damaged DisplayPort cable, examining the DisplayPort device and updating the graphics driver. If none of these steps resolve the issue, the DisplayPort device needs to be replaced.

Jack & Jones Promo Codes, Coupons & Holiday Deals

Jack & Jones: How to Save Money and Find Coupon Codes

Jack & Jones ( is well-known Brand of men’s clothes for sale that competes with brands such as DXL , BoohooMan and Charles Tyrwhitt . Jack & Jones has offered 35 Jack & Jones discount codes in the last 12 months, which makes one of the most active retailers in giving promo codes through their website. Read the full Jack & Jones review .

Jack & Jones Coupon FAQ

Are Jack & Jones offering any coupons right now?

Jack & Jones is currently offering 3 coupons as well as an additional 106 total savings on their web. Today’s most popular Jack & Jones coupon is offering 70 percent off.

How often Jack & Jones release new coupons?

The average is that Jack & Jones offers 3 coupons per month. Today, Jack & Jones has 106 active coupons and promotions.

Where can I locate Jack & Jones coupons?

Simply follow Jack & Jones on Knoji by clicking the follow button above. We’ll send you notifications of most recent Jack & Jones Coupons and Discount coupons as soon as they are made available. You’ll also be notified when brands similar to Jack & Jones release coupons as well.

How can I find Jack & Jones‘ best coupon deal in the present moment?

At present, Jack & Jones is offering a coupon that is 70 percent off. From the 106 active coupons that are available, this is one of the top Jack & Jones coupons available this moment.

How do I use my promo code for Jack & Jones?

Find the discount code from this webpage, and then press the button that allows you to paste it onto your clipboard. After that, go to and paste your code into the „Promo Code“ box during the checkout. The discount will be added in your order, and the total cost of your order will be decreased. Please go through the coupon’s guidelines at the bottom of this article to make sure that you use it in the correct way. Certain coupon codes are exempt from certain restrictions that we’ll list on this page.

Is there Jack & Jones‘ Black Friday 2022 page?

Yes, Jack & Jones has an official Black Friday 2022 deals page on which they publish their top offers in advance of Black Friday.

Jack & Jones Cyber Monday 2022 page?

Yes, Jack & Jones has an official Cyber Monday deals page on which they offer coupons and specials on Cyber Tuesday 2022.

Are there any discounts for students? Jack & Jones offer student discounts?

Jack & Jones supports currently students in students in high school and colleges by providing discounts for students who are currently enrolled in high school and college. Jack & Jones discount codes through their student discount programs. To avail the Jack & Jones student discount you’ll need to present evidence of your enrollment, typically by way of an ID card for students, either at and in store. Once you’ve verified your enrollment, you’ll have access to exclusive Jack & Jones coupons and discounts through the student discount. Find out more about Jack & Jones student discounts .

Do Jack & Jones offer free shipping?

Yes, Jack & Jones offers an ongoing policy of free shipping that runs continuously on their website for e-commerce. This means that you don’t need a coupon code to receive free shipping. All you have to do is add the items you want in the shopping cart, and then go through the checkout process to get free shipping with your purchase.

How to Apply Your Jack & Jones Discount Code

The first step is to Locate the Jack & Jones discount coupon on this page and click on the link to display the coupon. The discount code will automatically be transferred to your clipboard of your phone or desktop.

Step 2. Go to and put the items you wish to purchase into your cart. After you’ve finished shopping you can select „Checkout“ or „View Cart“ for navigating through the Jack & Jones checkout page.

Step 3. 3. On Jack & Jones‘ checkout page, search for the area labelled „Promo Code“ or „Discount Code.“ When you have found it, simply paste in the Jack & Jones promotional coupon code into the box. The discount you receive from Jack & Jones will be put into effect.

How do you make a bootable USB macOS installer

Create an macOS installer using createinstallmedia. Then run Monterey, the most recent beta or any macOS across multiple Macs or perform an uninstall.

In this article , we’ll go through the steps required to build a bootable installer that runs macOS. Mac operating system. This is no matter if it’s to enable the most current version of macOS for multiple machines, download the most current macOS beta or do an clean installation of macOS or to have an emergency disk should your Mac is experiencing issues and you’re unable to be connected via the web or in Recovery mode (or you cannot connect to recovery mode).

If you’re interested in finding out how you can create an bootable installation of the most recent macOS beta versions, macOS Ventura, macOS Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, or older versions that is Mac OS X or macOS You’ve come to the right spot.

You could also make use of your bootable installer in order to run macOS onto a distinct drive on your drive (or in the partition in case you’re operating an older version of Mac OS). Mac OS). It’s also a simple method to switch back to an earlier version of macOS and is a good alternative if installing the installer was a long duration and you don’t feel like having to spend the next few days downloading it repeatedly on different Macs. It’s enough once!

Luckily, the process of creating an install that can boot Mac operating system was made much easier after Apple released OS X Mavericks back in 2013. With the release of Mac OS X, and all subsequent versions it’s been feasible to use this Terminal commands to create install media to create a bootable installer for the macOS In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to do it.

We will go through the steps below to make an USB that can boot. USB that is compatible with Mac:

  1. Download your copy of the macOS installation files
  2. Create an installer that is bootable for macOS
  3. Select the appropriate createinstallmedia command

If you’d like to run macOS on an external drive and it differs slightly in nature, you can read our separate article.

What do you require to create an USB that can boot? USB for Mac

There are two primary elements you’ll need in order to make your bootable drive for installation that is the USB stick (or an Thunderbolt drive) and the installation files. When you’ve got those two items, the process won’t take long at all.

1. The Flash drive is 15GB (at minimum!)

We suggest 15GB (or more) drive. In reality, greater capacity is recommended as the installation for Monterey was 12GB, while the Big Sur installer had 13GB.

We recommend using a Flash memory stick instead of a conventional hard drive because it’s quicker. Additionally, you’ll gain from USB 3, or USB Type C which could be the only option for if you have a modern Mac (otherwise you’ll need the adapter). If you own the M1 Mac you might actually be better off using an Thunderbolt drive as there are several issues using USB drives on Macs running the M1 Mac. Read our round up of the best SSD drives for Mac where we recommend the LaCie Portable SSD. However, you can use any other USB thumb drive.

Be aware that if you have information on the drive you intend to use, it will be necessary to transfer the data to a different drive or buy a brand new drive because it will be erased completely and formatted.

2. The installation files

Depending on the version of macOS you’re running and the version that you would like to install, you’ll either be able get the files for installation from Software Update in System Preferences or through the Mac App Store, or you’ll have to purchase them from a different source.

There is a Mac App Store. Mac App Store is probably the most convenient option, however there could be some issues with respect to the version of macOS your computer is operating, and if you wanted to download older installation files, that could be a challenge – read an additional article on ways to download old version from macOS.

It is a given that you’ll require an internet connection in order to download the software . You might require it when installing the latest version of macOS when it is required to look for firmware updates or verify that you have iCloud credentials.

How do I get macOS installer files

As we’ve already mentioned that the method you use to obtain installer files be contingent upon the model of macOS you’re currently running and the version you wish to install to install the installer for. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps to obtain Monterey installers, as well as ways to download older versions of macOS or Mac OS X. We also have a separate page on downloading old Mac OS X and macOS versions.

How to download macOS Ventura installer

macOS Ventura will be available for download starting on the 24th of October 2022. Once it’s available, you’ll be able to download it from the Mac App Store. It is also possible to install the application using Software Update if you haven’t yet installed it.

Install the files. However, make sure to stop before the actual installation begins. After the installation has begun, these files are deleted of, and you’ll need to get in before!

After the installation files for Ventura have been downloaded, you’ll be able to locate them in the Applications folder using the Finder. It’ll look something like this:

It is necessary to install these installation files to create the bootable installer for the USB drive. The steps to do that are below.

How can I obtain an macOS beta installer

If you’d like to test out the latest beta version, you’ll have to sign up for the beta program. You will then be able install the installation files.

We’ll explain how to download to install and run beta version of macOS beta on this page. We’ve also provided the code to createinstallmedia you’ll need to start installing the most recent beta on USB below. USB below..

How do I find Monterey, Big Sur or older installers

To download the installers on macOS Monterey or Big Sur Follow these steps:

(If you’re looking for macOS Monterey you want you will get it from Mac App Store here. Mac App Store here.)

  1. If you’re already running Monterey or Big Sur on your Mac you can find them on the following hyperlinks. Monterey or Big Sur go straight to the page in the Mac App Store.
  2. Click Get, then the install files will begin to download.

If it’s Catalina you’re looking for, you can also obtain the installation software from Mac App Store: Mac App Store:

  1. Open the Mac App Store.
  2. Visit the Catalina page. There, you will be able to follow on this hyperlink on Catalina in the Mac App Store.
  3. When you click Get Now, your Mac will prompt you the installers to download.

Do not click install because you will require the installation files for the next part in this guide…

If you have macOS Catalina, Mojave or High Sierra installed it’s a bit difficult to obtain the installer files for earlier version of macOS. This is due to the fact that when High Sierra launched Apple stopped offering older version of its OS available for download from The Mac App Store.

It is possible to get it done, and we’ll describe how to download older version of macOS on this page. If it’s already open, make sure you shut down your Mac App Store prior to clicking one of these links, otherwise they won’t function.

  • You can download macOS Mojave via this link.
  • High Sierra here. High Sierra here.

Apple offers dmg files for the older macOS versions. You must download them using Safari. A disk image titled InstallOS.dmg will be downloaded, and once it is done, you must locate the pkg installer in the image on disk.

  • Sierra has arrived present.
  • El Capitan can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • Yosemite can be found on this page.

How do you create a bootable installation for macOS

Once you have installed the files, it is time to begin the process of creating an executable installation.

Be aware that the method described here won’t work on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or earlier. It needs OS X 10.7 Lion or later. Additionally, the process has been modified somewhat since Mavericks so if you’re trying to install one of the „Cat“ version for Mac OS X you should go to this article from a few years ago instead.

Since Mavericks making an installation that can boot macOS is a simple command within Terminal. Createinstallmedia makes it possible to build a bootable copy installation software on any drive attached with your Mac. Below, you’ll find all createinstallmedia commands listed below which includes that Monterey createinstallmedia command.

The createinstallmedia command erases all data on your external drive, however you should ensure you don’t have anything you’ll need.

Here are the steps to follow in order to make your bootable USB Be aware that there could be slight adjustments based on the software you need to install:

  1. Connect an external drive that is at least 15GB of space, because that’s the amount the installer will need.
  2. Start Disk Utility (press Command + spacebar and start typing Disk Utility).
  3. Prior to this step, make note of: If you’re operating High Sierra or later you must click on the View dropdown just below the close minimize buttons. Select to display All devices from the available options. You will now be able to see the root drive externally as well as the volume beneath it.
  4. Choose the root drive on the left-hand sidebar (the next procedure won’t work if only choose your volume).
  5. Click on Erase.
  6. Choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the Format.
  7. Choose GUID Partition Map as the Scheme.
  8. The drive you have installed will likely be named „Untitled“ by default. However, you can give it an appropriate name, such as’macOS or USB‘. (Note you’ll need to substitute the word MyVolume when you run your Create Install Media command below with the name you choose for to your storage device).
  9. Click on Erase.
  10. You must wait while Disk Utility creates the partition and then sets up the drive (this could take a couple of minutes).
  11. Click Done.
  12. You are now ready to create your bootable installer Start by opening Terminal (the most efficient method is to hit Command + Spacebar and begin typing Terminal. If not, it’s within the Utilities folder).
  13. Copy the text that is relevant to your version of macOS you’re installing into Terminal The information in the following section. Be sure to use the name you’ve chosen for the drive e.g. switch Untitled in MyVolume.
  14. Click Enter/Return.
  15. Terminal will request the password. This is your password for user. Be aware that you won’t see any characters appear while typing it in, but that’s okay. After entering your password, click Enter.
  16. Terminal might also request authorization to use the drive that is removable. Click OK.
  17. Terminal will notify you that it’s about to wipe the hard drive (so be sure that there’s not anything of importance on the drive – it should not be any if you’ve previously formatted it in accordance with the directions above). If you’d like to continue you can press Y, then return. The process could take some time, and you’ll be able to see „Erasing Disk 10 20 30100“ %… 10. %… 20 %… 30 %…100 %…
  18. Then Terminal will take just a few minutes copying the installer files to your drive. „Copying installer files to disk… Copy complete“ and similar messages will show within Terminal’s Terminal window.
  19. Once Terminal is done copying the installer, you will notice the words Copy completed and Done appear.