Z50 members of the Spanish Parliament were given out Bitcoins.

The 50 members of the Spanish parliament have become Bitcoin holders (BTC), a few days earlier a similar campaign was held in the United States.

According to the ABC, each member of Spain’s lower house was sent an email with details on how to access a single euro Satosh wallet. The members of the US Digital Chamber of Commerce were luckier, as their original amount was $50.

The Blockchain educational platform sent members of all 10 parties the data of a wallet linked to the BTC and QR code.

The purpose of this step is to give members the opportunity to experiment with a new form of money and feel the role that crypto assets play in transforming the economy and society.

„Many politicians have already had some experience with crypto assets, but we would like those who are not yet familiar with this new form of money to be able to test it on their own experience.